Our Philosophy

Meet Karma Mama, the natural Dutch skincare brand with a conscious heart. Powered by Mother nature’s most precious ingredients, our products will give babies, children and mamas-to-be the care they rightfully deserve.

Soothing, smoothing and intensely hydrating. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of, bottled. Our pure yet potent oils, creams and balms prove that less is sometimes definitely more. Less fillers, less toxins, less things we really don’t need.

We like to do things differently. Passion is what brought us here - creating naturally powered products that simply work. And you will feel that. Organic, plant-derived and active botanicals ingredients are the building stones on which our formulas lean and they make sure it’s safe to use on even your baby’s most delicate skin. Our products are as close to planet earth as you can get. This ensures we maintain the natural origin of our skincare range between 98,5% and 100%.


Small batch production

After our products have been lovingly formulated in the Netherlands, they are consciously crafted by our passionate team in Thailand. There, we work with a small family business who’s genuine respect for our planet, and its people are a constant source of both admiration and inspiration.

This partnership also enables us to support the local communities in the area. At Karma Mama, we never make promises we can’t keep and using the best natural ingredients is one of them. Small micro-batches and fresh produce are the drivers that continuously make this happen. Karma Mama’s purity guarantee means no more worrying about what you are putting on your or your little one’s skin, ever.

100% non-toxin and forever against animal testing

Every ingredient that makes its way into our skincare has a purpose - its unique characteristics are carefully chosen and paired with others to compliment each other perfectly. The result? Unique and cruelty-free formulas as harmonious as Mother nature herself.

We don’t believe in toxins and see no reason to use them. Karma Mama is 100% free from any harmful chemicals such as parabens, silicons, laurel sulphate, artificial fragrance, synthetic colours, glycols, tea, dea, or petro chemicals.


Karma Mama represents skincare with a purpose. We are devoted to creating a safer world for the mothers and children who need it most. When you buy any of our products, you are not just sourcing the best natural ingredients for you and your little one, but you are a source of support for another mama and her family.

Buy good, do good. We continuously support Friends International, a charity dedicated to help communities in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Indonesia grow and thrive.