Welke babyverzorgingsproducten gebruik je wanneer?

Which baby products do you use?

As a new parent, you are faced with a world of choices when it comes to caring for your baby. From the first weeks as a newborn to the first year of life, each stage brings new challenges and needs. That's why it's important to choose the right baby care products that suit the age and specific needs of your little one. Below you will find a handy guide per stage, with Karma Mama's recommended products that are specially designed for safe and gentle baby care. 0-4 weeks: Newborn phase In these first weeks after birth, your baby has very...

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7 slimme manieren op luiercrème te gebruiken

7 smart ways to use diaper cream

Our Baby Bum Balm is a true lifesaver when it comes to preventing and healing diaper rash. The secret? (non nano) Zinc oxide, the natural ingredient that gently heals and cools. This mild formula can be applied as often as necessary without irritating the skin. But did you know that this diaper cream is not only suitable for maintaining beautiful pink baby bottoms? Here are 7 smart ways to get the most out of your Diaper Cream. Let's explore the versatility of this wonder drug! 1. Diaper rash Of course, the diaper balm is ideal for preventing and treating diaper...

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Welke crème te gebruiken bij kwetsbare babyhuid?

Which cream to use for fragile baby skin?

Silky soft skin for your little one Sometimes that soft baby skin makes way for flaky skin, red and chapped spots or eczema. Ouch! Of course, that doesn't make anyone happy. The weather, changing temperatures or long baths can be the cause. It can also simply be genetically determined. Baby skin is sensitive, so a mild treatment is nice. With the right care, your child will get rid of that itchy and scratchy skin in no time. What should you pay attention to when choosing the care for very dry skin? We give tips. What causes dry baby skin? The...

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Huidaandoeningen bij babies en kids

Skin conditions in babies and kids

As a new parent, you want nothing more than for your baby to be healthy and happy. But sometimes your little one's skin can encounter challenges such as eczema, diaper rash, mountain and other skin problems. Let's take a look at how to recognize these conditions and care for them effectively. Eczema Eczema is a common condition that causes red spots, itching and sometimes even blisters. It can occur in different parts of the body and can vary in severity. It's important to keep your baby's skin well hydrated and to use mild, fragrance-free products designed specifically for sensitive baby...

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